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Analysis | FEI Focused Ion Beam System (ILP)
Back End | Dicing Saw Disco DAD3220 (ILP)
Back End | Dicing Saw Loadpoint Micro Ace 3 (ILP)
Back End | Finetech Lambda Fineplacer (ILP)
Back End | Foil Laminator (ILP)
Back End | Glove Box MBraun (ILP)
Bond | Anodic bonder EV-501 (ILP)
Bond | Anodic bonder EVG510 (ILP)
Bond | Piranha (WB08-MFP)
Cleanroom closed
Cleanroom evening opening
Doping | Furnace B1 SSD Boron (MFP)
Doping | Ion Implanter IMC 200 (UCP)
Doping | RTA B/P Drive-in (UCP)
Dry | Drying set-up (WB02-MFP)
Etch | Adixen AMS100DE (ILP)
Etch | Gas phase Xactix XeF2 E1 series (ILP)
Etch | Gas-phase Idonus Vapor HF (WB04-MFP)
Etch | Oxford i300 RIBE (ILP)
Etch | Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas (ILP)